Today's Choice for Tomorrow's Future


Welcome to Theatre!

Director: Aspacia Lindstrom

ERMS Chorus and Theatre Ensembles

Beginning Chorus (Chorus 1)                     6th – 8th grade students with no prior ERMS Chorus                                                                      experience

Men’s Chorus (Chorus 2)                           

6th – 8th grade men


Women’s Chorus (Chorus 3)                    

 7th and 8th grade women with 1 or more years of                                                                         Chorus

Spartans by the Dozen                             

Auditioned, Twelve students, open to 7th and 8th grade with 1 or more years of experience in Chorus, travel performance group, A cappella


Theatre 1                                                       6th – 8th grade students with no theatre experience


Theatre 2                                                       Auditioned students who have completed Theatre 1