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PE Information 22-23

Welcome to Physical Education!

Here is a quick overview:

We will continue with a Modified Dress-Out Policy 

Students may either:

  1. Come to class dressed for activity, or

  2. Change in the locker rooms at the beginning and end of class

P.E. Locks & Lockers:

The locker rooms will be available but not required.  

Students who wish to use a PE locker will need to bring their own combination lock from home.  They will be able to keep their lock on a PE locker for the semester at no charge.

Students will have the option to use the locker rooms.  They can choose to either:

  1. Lock their belongings up in the locker room, or

  2. Bring their backpacks into the gym and leave them against the wall.


P.E. Attire:

Students are expected to wear school-appropriate activity clothes that are also conducive to the weather outside.  We will not require P.E. uniforms or specific colors.


Please wear:  

T-shirt, shorts, athletic shoes (sweatpants, leggings, yoga pants are also acceptable)


Not permitted:

Jeans or jean shorts

Crocs / Slides / Sandals / Heels / Boots

Tank-tops / mid-drifts

Hoodies / sweatshirts / jackets CANNOT BE WORN OUTSIDE WHEN IT IS OVER 80 DEG.


Valuables must be put away in your backpack or a locker during class, for example:

Cell Phones

Air pods, Ear buds

Pocketbooks / purses / wallets

**Cell phones are not to be in your pocket during PE class.  If they are in your pocket, it is a tech violation and you will have to turn it in to the grade-level office**

We have a limited number of East Ridge Middle P.E. drawstring bags available on the school website:  $10 through Revtrak. IMPORTANT: Revtrak will be available to make purchases beginning in August and may be accessed through the homepage of our school website.

These bags will be great for keeping P.E. items together and will also show school spirit.  We recommend using the bags for P.E. clothes, deodorant, small towel.



All other P.E. expectations and routines will be covered in class during the first few days of school.


We are looking forward to a fun year!

Coach Hall:

Coach Green:

Coach Castleman: